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    Source:Where Zhengzhou  Date:8/13/2022  

    On the afternoon of August 10th, an online recruitment seminar was held in the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone ("the Zone"), which introduced a talent-pooling program and made available a large number of excellent positions. Under the program, qualified talented individuals are eligible for economic contribution awards, housing subsidies and living subsidies.


    Photo: Ma Jian
    With a focus on talent development, the Zone has developed a number of related policies.The Action Plan to Implement the Talent Pooling Program and Build an Industrial Talent Valley in the Central Region is the first of a series of "1+14" talent policies that have recently been introduced to meet the needs of industrial development based on the existing provincial and municipal policies. These policies aim to implement ten actions to introduce high-level skilled personnel, strengthen industrial human resources, speed up efforts to cultivate talented young people and improve the environment for talent development with a focus on implementing the Talent-Pooling Program. It is hoped that these measures will help the Zone attract 5 new business startups and innovation teams led by high-level personnel, 50 excellent education and medical personnel, 500 top industrial personnel, 5,000 core personnel and 50,000 talented young people every year.


    Photo: Ma Jian

    Dr. Zhao Hui, a geneticist at the Beijing Institute of Genomics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, returned to China in 2016 to start his own business in the Zone, which he named Revo Gene. "These policies are a great support to high-level talent," said Zhao at the online talk. "A project will receive funding of up to 20 million yuan following an appraisal, depending on its state of development. This is very favorable treatment for high-level personnel. These policies have also alleviated housing and living concerns for our staff, giving us a solid guarantee."

    Yuan Haiyan, a skilled worker in the Zone, joined Foxconn Technology Group in 2017 and has since been hard at work honing her professional abilities. On behalf of the competing teams from the Zone, she took part in the 7th Vocational Skills Competition in Zhengzhou in 2021 and won first place in the engineering technology category for cloud computing. "The Zone places a great emphasis on fostering the professional development of skilled workers so that they can progress through vocational training to become senior technicians or even special-class technicians. They also offer grants of up to 300,000 yuan. Regarding professional title appraisal and employment, the Zone is more likely to favor skilled workers." Yuan also stated at the online presentation that the policies fully reflect the Zone's commitment to identifying, valuing, and fostering talent.
    Mr. Wang Yu, a representative of the Zone's top young talent from Xing Gang Investment, graduated from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Wang said that just by looking at the policies, it is clear how much value the Zone places on talent. Along with other beneficial initiatives, the Zone offers housing, business, and job subsidies.
    A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, and a representative of outstanding young talent, Mr. Ji Jinghong has contributed to the establishment of the Zhengzhou Aerotropolis Institute of Artificial Intelligence and a number of new research and development institutions since he came to the Zone in 2019 to start his own business. Mr. Ji considered the Talent-Pooling Program an upgrade of the talent policy. "I learned from these policies that the Zone will offer talented young individuals all-encompassing care and protection as they live and work here, providing unprecedented subsidies and chances."


    Photo: Ma Jian
    Tens of thousands of high-quality opportunities are waiting for you, according to information obtained from several high-quality businesses in the Zone. To examine the employment market, visit the official websites of Zhilian Recruitment and the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Management Committee. The Xingang New Energy Industrial Park in Zhengzhou is anticipated to offer a sizable number of jobs in September.


    Photo: Ma Guoliang

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