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  • The fourth commencement ceremony of project signing,construction and operation held in ZAEZ
    Source:this site  Date:4/6/2022  

    On April 6, the province's fourth project signing, construction and operation ceremony was held, at which Lou Yangsheng, the Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee delivered a speech, and Governor Wang Kai made work arrangements. Sun Shougang, Member of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial Party Committee, Executive Vice Governor and Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, presided over the event at the main venue.


    Cities under provincial jurisdiction, Jiyuan Demonstration Zone, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and counties (county-level cities and districts) held the project construction activities simultaneously as branch venues. At the signing ceremony, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone signed six projects with a total investment of 13.55 billion yuan, covering new energy, modern logistics, electronic information and other fields.


    After the signing ceremony, the commencement ceremony for the fourth project construction was held in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone. Work of 8 key projects will begin, including 6 industrial transformation and development projects and 2 infrastructure projects. These projects received a total investment of 4.89 billion yuan, with an annual planned investment of 750 million yuan. The participants also inspected the macromolecule pilot test and mass production service platform phase II project of Zhengzhou Chuangtai Biotechnology Service Co., Ltd.

    Prior to this, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone has participated in a total of 60 projects in the province's project construction activities, with a total investment of about 150 billion yuan. Specifically, 15 projects were signed with a total investment of 40.27 billion yuan, 30 projects were started with a total investment of 72.606 billion yuan, and 15 projects were put into operation with a total investment of 35.71 billion yuan. At present, all the contracted projects in the first three phases have been converted and started.

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