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  • Zhengzhou-Luxembourg Air Silk Road Facilitates International Air Logistics Channels
    Source:this site  Date:6/14/2022  

    On June 14, a fully-loaded cargo aircraft Cargolux arrived at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, bringing the cargo volume of Zhengzhou-Luxembourg international cargo route to 900,000 tons.


    Cargolux operates 8 intercontinental cargo routes at Zhengzhou Airport, with 14 destinations, covering more than 100 cities in 24 countries. It operates 14 regular flights per week at Zhengzhou Airport, and an additional 15 charter flights per week during peak periods, with transport capacity more than Shanghai, Beijing and Xiamen combined. The airline has ranked first at Zhengzhou Airport in four major indicators, namely, cumulative international cargo volume, number of international cargo routes, number of flights and international destinations for many consecutive years.

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