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  • Dr. Kasarda, Chief Advisor to Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Provides Consultation to the Economic Development Bureau
    Source:Aerotropolis Institute China  Date:2/25/2022  

    The Virtual Consulting Meeting of Dr. John Kasarda, the Chief Advisor to Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (ZAEZ), President of Aerotropolis Institute China (AIC), was held on Feb. 23th at AIC office. Relevant colleagues from ZAEZ’s Economic Development Bureau (EDB) and AIC attended the meeting.


    On the meeting, EDB and Dr. Kasarda made in-depth discussions on decision-making factors of large cargo airlines, air express companies and logistics integrators on hub site selection, and renovation of the area beyond Zhengzhou Airport terminals.

    Dr. Kasarda said that when selecting sites for their hubs, cargo service providers pay attention to the costs, airport facilities and operational efficiency. Besides, many international airlines, in particular large air express companies, request the 5th, 7th or 9th freedom rights, change-of-gauge rights, etc. Dr. Kasarda emphasized that logistics capacity enhancement and industrial development forms a circular system. Expansion of the air route network and enhancement of the ground connectivity will attract more advanced industries to the Aerotropolis and beyond. While, development of advanced industries will generate more cargo transport demands, which will bring more cargo and logistics services to the Aerotropolis. As for the businesses at the area beyond Zhengzhou Airport terminals, Dr. Kasarda said that priorities should be given to five or four star hotels, offices, duty-free retailing, entertainment facilities, etc. He also suggested improving the urban environment and visual attractiveness of this area. It is to upgrade the image and social vibrancy of not only this area but also the entire Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

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