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  • 2021 Second Virtual Consulting Meeting of Dr. John Kasarda, Chief Advisor to Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Convened
    Source:this site  Date:11/17/2021  

    The Second Virtual Consulting Meeting in 2021 of Dr. John Kasarda, the Chief Advisor to Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (ZAEZ), President of Aerotropolis Institute China (AIC), was held on November 11th at AIC office. Relevant colleagues from ZAEZ’s Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (NRPB), AIC and Zhengzhou Urban Planning Design & Survey Research Institute attended the meeting.


    On the meeting, NRPB and Dr. Kasarda made in-depth discussion on land use plan and multi-modal transportation issues which were consulted on the meeting in September, and exchanged ideas on the functional layout and industrial development in Phase 2 of the comprehensive bonded zone.

    Dr. Kasarda said that while enlarging the ratio of industrial land, the ZAEZ should balance residential and industrial land, to realize city-industry integration. As for multi-modal transport, Dr. Kasarda stressed that the ZAEZ should further enhance the air transport capacity, accelerate the development of the high speed rail (HSR) logistics hub, and explore the development of Xuedian International Inland Port. In consideration of cost-efficiency, Dr. Kasarda suggested the ZAEZ to consolidate the airport’s advantages, speed up the construction of Zhengzhou South HSR Station and the HSR logistics park, and explore the development of Xuedian Inland Port. About the development direction of Phase 2 of the comprehensive bonded zone, Dr. Kasarda suggested to intensify the strength of bonded processing and manufacturing while boosting its service trade, which will facilitate industrial upgrade of the bonded zone.

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