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  • 2021 First Virtual Consulting Meeting of Dr. Kohn Kasarda, Chief Advisor to Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Convened
    Source:this site  Date:9/18/2021  

    The First Virtual Consulting Meeting in 2021 of Dr. John Kasarda, the Chief Advisor to Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (ZAEZ), President of Aerotropolis Institute China (AIC), was held in the morning of September 17th at AIC office. Relevant colleagues from ZAEZ’s Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, AIC and Zhengzhou Urban Planning Design & Survey Research Institute attended the meeting.


    This consultation focused on the overall vision and positioning, functional layout, logistics industry layout and “air-rail-road-water” multimodal transportation of ZAEZ.

    After hearing Dr. Kasarda’s advice on each issue, the attendees made an in-depth discussion with Dr. Kasarda on the appropriate proportion of industrial land and planning and development of Air-Rail New City District, the middle district of ZAEZ.  

    Dr. Kasarda, as the Chief Advisor to ZAEZ and President of AIC, has been deeply involved in and witnessed ZAEZ’s development. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Kasarda pointed out that ZAEZ has made impressive accomplishments in a remarkably short period of time, and has always been a catalyst and engine for Zhengzhou’s development. When making the new national territory spatial planning, ZAEZ should cross and integrate planning domains that have traditionally operated in silos, stick to the green development path, give full play to the advantage of multi-model transportation, and give priority to achieving efficient and seamless connection between air, rail and highway. Furthermore, Dr. Kasarda emphasized that ZAEZ should optimize its industrial and functional layout, intensify digitalization construction, and build ZAEZ into the fastest, most agile, and best-connected Aerotropolis in China.

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