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  • Zhengzhou's Aviation Training Center is the first one in central China, which has been reported by CCTV's Xin Wen Lian Bo
    Source:this site  Date:6/18/2020  

    On June 16, a piece of news titled "Henan: Accelerating the Construction of the Aerial Silk Road to Gain Momentum for Development" was reported in CCTV's Xin Wen Lian Bo program. With focus on the construction of "Aerial Silk Road", Henan has continuously expanded international cooperation in professionals training, air routes opening and other fields to seek new growth points.

    On June 14, the first aviation training center in central China was put into operation in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, which will train more than 2,000 pilots and more than 3,000 air traffic controllers every year. With the construction of "Aerial Silk Road" as the main task, Zhengzhou now has opened 46 all-cargo air routes, linking almost all freight hubs in the world's major economies. At the same time, the demand for professionals is increasing, while the training center can solve this pressing issue. "The aviation training center fills the gap in the civil aviation industry of our province", Deng Luhua, the person in charge of the HNCA Aviation Training Center, said in an interview: "We intend to introduce eight flight simulators within three years and start the second phase of the project as soon as possible."

    Now, Henan has started establishing a new round of air cargo routes. Just a few days ago, an all-cargo aircraft from Guangzhou landed at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport before heading to Seoul, South Korea. This is also a new international cargo route opened by Henan to connect two hub cities - Zhengzhou and Guangzhou. "According to the dynamics of the international market and the development trends of the supply chain and industry chain, we are always expanding and adjusting our route network to consolidate the status of Zhengzhou as an international freight hub", said Fan Yong, deputy general manager of Henan Civil Aviation Development and Investment Co., Ltd.

    While continuing to advance epidemic control, Henan has also lost no time in creating opportunities for development. Since the outbreak of covid-19, Zhengzhou has added 19 new international cargo destinations, which not only enriches the routes to Europe and Asia, but also expands routes to Africa. The number of cargo flights and the cargo handling capacity have both achieved steady growth.

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