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  • Secretary Ma Jian meets with Prof. John Kasarda, the founder of aviation economy theory
    Source:this site  Date:4/17/2018  

    In the afternoon of April 17, Ma Jian, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and the secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone met with John Kasarda, the founder of aviation economy theory and Rahm Mayne, an aviation logistics expert.  

    Ma Jian expressed welcome to John Kasarda and his entourage, introduced what had achieved over the past five years in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, and meanwhile exchanged ideas with them about the development strategy and priorities of ZAEZ in the coming years.

    John Kasarda and Rahm Mayne both thumbed up to the performance of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and put forward some comments and suggestions on the building of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, image improvement of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone at an international level and cluster development of world-class electronic information and advanced manufacturing industry marked by intelligent terminal.

    Ma Jian very appreciated the two experts’ suggestions and hoped that they could keep a close eye on the construction and development of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and make contributions to building ZAEZ into an “aerotropolis in China” and enhancing ZAEZ’s driving force, radiation and influence with their expertise and experience.

    Before this meeting, John Kasarda had been invited to attend the Forum for Opening-up and Development of Central Plains at the 12th China (Henan) International Investment & Trade Fair and delivered a keynote speech with the title of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone: A Driving Force of Henan’s Investment Introduction and Trade Development. John Kasarda and Rahm Mayne both visited the ZAEZ’s intelligent terminal industrial park, bio-pharmaceutical industrial park, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park, west freight depot of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and cargo terminal of comprehensive bonded zone. 

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