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  • Mr. Zhang Yanming meets with ambassador of Republic of Benin in China and his delegation
    Source:this site  Date:10/30/2017  

    From Oct. 29 to Oct. 30, Mr. Zhang Yanming, member of Standing Committee of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of Work Committee, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, CPC, met with Simon Adovelande, the ambassador of Republic of Benin in China, commercial counselor and Huang Zhaojin, president of Overseas Cooperation Association of Asian Economic Development Association.

    Mr. Zhang Yanming welcomed the arrival of Ambassador Simon Adovelande and detailedly introduced the overall development situation of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone in recent years to the ambassador and the delegation. Mr. Zhang Yanming said that Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone attached great importance to the cooperation and exchange with Benin and placed great hopes on several cooperation projects. The Zone will certainly create conditions for both parties to jointly implement the matters agreed in the memorandum of cooperation.

    According to the ambassador, Benin has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, which is a good beginning for close cooperation between the two sides. Benin will be the first country to which Zhengzhou opens the African route. It is full of confidence in the future development of the Zone and expressed its confidence in the cooperation with the Zone. It hopes to take the first step in cooperation as soon as possible and promote a series of cooperation on visa facilitation, tourism and economic and trade cooperation between the two sides.

    In addition, the ambassador highly admitted the achievements since the approval of the Zone and the prospect. He said that China is an important partner of Benin, and Benin is the gateway to the West African Union and the key to West Africa. For China, strengthening the cooperation with Benin is equivalent to setting up a bridge for cooperation with West Africa.After the meeting, the ambassador Simon Adovelande and his delegation also visited T2 terminal of Zhengzhou Airport, Henan Electronic Port Service Center, World Wine International Trade Center, Cross-border of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park and Zhengzhou Expo Garden.


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