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  • The world-class musical fountain blossoms in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone
    Source:this site  Date:10/26/2017  

    On October 26, at 7:00 p.m. Zhang Yanming, member of Standing Committee of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of Work Committee, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, CPC, declared the starting of musical fountain, and the full-time vice-secretary of party working committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Zhang Chunyang presided over the opening ceremony, which revealed the mystery of the musical fountain of Shuanghe Lake Central Park and opened it to the public.

    The opening ceremony of the Shuanghe Lake Central Park musical fountain of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone was held at Xinghuoliandeng Square, attended by nearly ten thousands of people.

    The world-class dazzling musical fountain is extended up to 220m and its main fountain reaches100m in height.

    It is understood that, the musical fountain themed Spirit of Crane is located in the Lianhe Lake of the Shuanghe Lake Center Park with an overall plane layout of two arcs tangent to four circles, as if cranes are flying over a sea of flowers.

    The fountain performance is programed with classical music, water dance, fire dance, laser and art lights, which enriches it with abundance cultural connotations and impresses the audience in sights and sounds and becomes the finishing touch of Shuanghe Lake Central Park.

    Putting the Shuanghe Lake Central Park Musical Fountain into operation marks the full completion of underground urban facilities and surface ecological landscape construction of the park and its official turn to the stage of the promotion of urban functions around the park and industrial development.

    As the “City’s lung” and “Underground city” of Zhengzhou, the super commercial “aircraft carrier” launches.

    The Shuanghe Lake Central Park is about 5km from east to west and 600-800m from south to north, covering an area of over 353ha, about 20ha larger than the Central Park of Manhattan in New York, USA. Of which, the phase-I project, themed “Technological Ecology”, occupies an area of 165ha with a total investment of about 4 billion Yuan and devotes itself to a central park “preceding to but integrating in the city”, so as to cross the water & town, park & hill as well as flower & field and other landscape features into the two Lianhe Lakes in accordance with the diversified planning structures of the Pleasure Island, Discovery Island and Flower Harbor, blossoming flowers in the midst of the verdant and green trees all the year round. The Shuanghe Lake Central Park has lake-along landscape area, commercial leisure area, key performance area and recreation tourism area which realize the organic combination of modern technology and ecological well-being and inherits the urban ecological value, urban spirit cohesive value and urban culture sustainable value.

    The Shuanghe Lake Central Park introduces the concept of sponge city in its construction, so that it can better accomplish recovery of urban water ecology and improvement of urban water environment. The park is greatly distinguished by the solid intensive dual-development and utilization of surface and underground. Its underground space composes of underground business, underground public parking lot, underground linking taxiway and utility tunnel, about 30 thousand m2; hence, it becomes the “heart of central plains and underground city”, further enhances the comprehensive carrying capacity of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and becomes an significant mark of modernized construction of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone in core zones.

    Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone makes great efforts to build the Shuanghe Lake Central Park and its surroundings into high-end commercial office zone and enterprises’ headquarters base. Currently, it has signed 27 projects, including the landmark Greenland Dual-tower; moreover, there are 20 of 32 tower-type buildings proposed to construct around the Lianhe Lake have been put into construction. Multiple commercial real estate projects and villages-combined and cities-integrated projects surrounding the Shuanghe Lake Central Park have started to construct, and the park-led new urban area has stepped into high-speed development period. In the future, it will become an aggregation of enterprise headquarters and high-end talents, best place for travel and leisure and the optimal choice for consumption and shopping of Zhengzhou and perimeter zones.

    As a city of ecology, it is developed to attract for business, investment and talents, with its industrial agglomeration effect increasingly obvious.

    Set up and practice the concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and develop green modes of development and life. In recent years, aiming at construction of beautiful airport city and ecological airport city, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone has developed the concept of ecological well-being, successively built the Lanhe Park, Youth Park, Meihe Park, South-to-North Eco-culture Park and other comprehensive parks as well as the ecological corridor under construction, amounting to over 6 million m2. As at the end of last year, the whole district has reached a green area of 8.57 million m2, greening rate of 26.61%, fraction of green coverage of 26.78% and per capita park area of 10.24 m2; in addition, it newly increases green area of 3.87 million m2, which realizes the “mutual fusion of forest, water and town, and harmonious co-existence between human and nature”, not only strengthens the channel’s capacity of flood and waterlogging prevention, but also improves the ecological environment along the river and landscape appearance, further improves the construction taste of the airport city.

    In a few years, Foxconn, Cainiao, Feeler, Greenland and other nationally and internationally well-known enterprises have come in continuous crowds for signing contracts and settlement, assisting Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone in construction and development. This year, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone has accumulatively signed 65 projects with investment amount up to 101.6 billion Yuan, which is the continuously fifth year it realizes the target of “over one hundred billion” in investment invitation. An ecological, beautiful and modern airport city for living and work is on the rise.


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