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  • 10 projects commence in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone
    Source:this site  Date:9/28/2017  

    On the morning of Sep. 28, 2017 Commencement Ceremony of the 4th Key Projects of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone was held in the scene of the project Phase III of Chinasmart Logistic Network of Cai Niao. Zhang Yanming, member of Standing Committee of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of Work Committee, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, CPC, attended the ceremony and announced the start of work. Chang Jihong, deputy director of the Management Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, made a speech.

    10 projects commenced at the same time this time, with the total investment of 11.66 billion Yuan, which is of great significance to build industrial clusters and improve urban supporting functions in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone. In these 10 projects, the number of industrial projects is 7: Phase III of Chinasmart Logistic Network of Cai Niao, Central Plains Cloud Computing Big Data Industrial Park, Henan Hangang International Logistics Park, Zensun Qihang International Square, Feng Shu Group Zhengzhou Airport Logistics Operation Platform, Living Facility of Hangtian Mobile Phone Industry Park and Headquarters Base of Henan Shibo Electronics Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone; the number of the infrastructure project is 1, which is cross-ditch bridge bundle project in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (10); the number of social undertaking projects is 2, which are the Middle School of Hedong No.8 resettlement area and the Primary School of Hedong No.9 resettlement area respectively.

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