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  • Cross-border E-commerce Accelerates the Launch of the DBAR - "Silk Road E-commerce" Forum for International Cooperation (Zhengzhou) Held
    Source:this site  Date:5/11/2021  

    On May 10, the 5th Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference opened in Zhengzhou. More than 1,200 people attended the opening ceremony, including political leaders of many countries, heads of international organizations, experts and scholars in cross-border e-commerce, and representatives of Alibaba and other enterprises. They discussed and exchanged views on such issues as the innovation and cooperation of cross-border e-commerce and how to better use the cross-border e-commerce model to promote global trade. Xu Liyi, member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, attended and delivered a speech. Vice Governor He Jinping presided over the opening ceremony. Zhang Junfeng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Zhenghzou Airport Economy Zone, was invited to attend the conference. 

    After the opening ceremony, six key cross-border e-commerce projects in the province were signed on the spot, including two key projects, the Southeast Asia cargo charter flight, and international brand product cooperation in the Zhenghzou Airport Economy Zone.

    In the afternoon of the same day, as one of the parallel forums of the conference, the "Silk Road E-commerce (Zhengzhou) Forum for International Cooperation was held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It was hosted by Henan Provincial Commerce Department and China International Electronic Commerce Center, and organized by the Zhenghzou Airport Economy Zone. Amid the slowdown of the epidemic, Zhengzhou, the bustling "commercial capital" in central China received the global leaders in "Silk Road E-commerce" again.

    Also present at the forum were Chen Jian, former Vice Minister of Commerce, Ma Jian, Director of the Henan Provincial Commerce Department, Zhu Lian, Second-level Inspector of the Department of E-commerce and Information Technology of the Commerce Department, Jia Guoyong, Party Secretary of the China International Electronic Commerce Center, Wan Zhengfeng, Director of the Administrative Committee of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Dai Ke, Dai Ke, first-level researcher of the Department of E-commerce and Information Technology of the Commerce Department, and Samadi Shausin, an first-level expert of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Sun Xiangyang, Co-Chairman of the WCO Cross-border E-commerce Cooperation Group, and Liu Xiaomei, Executive Secretary of APEC E-commerce Business Alliance. Ali Zahiri, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to China, sent a video message of congratulations to the forum. Renowned experts in the industry including Li Mingtao, President of the Research Institute of China International Electronic Commerce Center, Wang Jian, Director of APEC Cross-border E-commerce Research Center, were invited to attend the event.

    Also invited to the forum were more than 20 officials of embassies and consulates in China and representatives of international chambers of commerce and associations, including Argentine Ambassador to China, Commercial Counselor of Embassy of Brazil in China, and Commercial Counselor of the Turkish Embassy in China. Nearly 350 industry elites from well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms, enterprises, parks, business associations and think tanks at home and abroad, including Alibaba,, eBay, Amazon China, Suning,,,, Lianlian, YANDEX, PingPong, Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association, and China-Asia Economic Development Association, gathered together to discuss the development plans of cross-border e-commerce and seek ways to develop cross-border e-commerce.   

    As the organizer of the forum, Wei Xuebin, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, made a special presentation.

    As one of the pacesetters of Henan's opening up to the outside world, the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone adheres to the strategy of "hub + opening up", and speeds up the construction of the Air Silk Road, the Silk Road, the Internet Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road. In the first quarter of 2021, cross-border e-commerce business in the region continued to maintain a good momentum of rapid growth, with cross-border imports and exports of 38.45 million orders worth 3.3 billion yuan, up 127.67% and 87.87% respectively compared with the same period last year.  

    The Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone will continue to give full play to its comprehensive advantages in location, resources, market, talents, policies and services. It will continue to expand cooperation with its partners of Silk Road e-commerce so as to Contribute more "strength of Henan, wisdom of Zhengzhou" to the cooperation of "Silk Road E-commerce" in the post-epidemic era.

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