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  • The number of import orders ranks second in the country Cross-border e-commerce retail sets a record at the Singles' Day
    Source:this site  Date:11/13/2020  

    In the past Singles' Day, also known as "Double 11" online shopping carnival, the number of cross-border e-commerce orders in the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone set another record. From November 1 to November 11, the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone declared a total of 11,510,500 cross-border e-commerce orders, with a value of 1.3 billion yuan, up 44.09% and 42.88% respectively year on year; among them, 7,752,900 were import orders, with a value of 1.221 billion yuan, ranking second in the country, second only to Ningbo.

    According to statistics, on the Singles' Day, a total of 3,217,900 import and export orders were declared in the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone; more than 6,600 cross-border e-commerce workers and more than 300 transport vehicles were working in the Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone. In this year's "Double 11" on-line shopping event, Cainiao completed 5,981,400 cross-border import orders with a value of 820 million yuan, accounting for 77.15% and 67.15% of the Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone respectively.

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