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  • China - Malaysia Business Exhibition and Exchange Conference held simultaneously in Zhengzhou and Penang
    Source:this site  Date:8/24/2020  

    On August 24th, China - Malaysia Business Exhibition and Exchange Conference was held online simultaneously in Zhengzhou and Penang. Projects such as the Malaysia Business Service Center were signed on site.

    Malaysia is a natural and important partner for China to promote the “Belt and Road” initiative. Penang, located in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, is economically developed, strategically important and ethnically diverse. Henan and Penang are closely linked. Initiated by Henan Province and hosted by Penang, the international cross channel swim has been held for three consecutive years. The China ZhengKai International Marathon has partnered with the Penang Bridge International Marathon.

    A total of 6 Momorandums of Understanding were signed at the Exchange Conference, namely: the Malaysian Business Service Center signed by the Malaysian Business Service Center and Commerce and Logistics Development Bureau, the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone; the bird’s nest processing base project signed by Malaysia - Henan Chamber of Commerce and Luoyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone; the sports tourism promotion project signed by the Penang Open Water Swimming Association and Henan Tourism Promotion Association; the overseas warehouse project signed by the Gelafood Sdn Bhd(GSB) and the Henan Zhongchuang Enterprise Group; the fruit trade project signed by the Top Fruits China Limited and Zhengzhou Chen's Sun Fruits and Vegetables Trading Co., Ltd.; the exchange program of overseas students and education exchange signed by Malaysia Overseas Living Sdn Bhd and Henan Kaolala Education Technology Co., Ltd.

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