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  • Central Airlines Officially Launched
    Source:this site  Date:5/12/2020  

    On the morning of May 10, a fully loaded Boeing B737-300 all-cargo plane took off, marking the official launch of Central Airlines, the first cargo airline in Henan Province with Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport (Zhengzhou Airport) as the main operating base. Central Airlines is also Henan's first local registered air cargo carrier with a local main base.

    Central Airlines, headquartered in Zhengzhou, is a local airline with the main base of Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. It completed the industrial and commercial registration on June 30, 2016, and was approved to be established by the Civil Aviation Administration on February 26, 2019; on January 3, 2020, it obtained the business license, and on April 26, 2020, it was granted the operator certificate. Central Airlines is committed to building a modern aviation logistics network which centers on Zhengzhou and radiates the whole country and the world. Currently, the air routes including Zhengzhou=Wuxi=Quanzhou, Zhengzhou=Shenzhen, Zhengzhou=Haikou, etc. have been approved. It is planned to expand the fleet to 12 aircrafts within 3 years, 20 aircrafts within 5 years and 60 aircrafts with 5,000 employees within 10 years.

    According to the latest statistics, in April this year, Zhengzhou Airport handled 52,000 tons of cargo, a year-on-year increase of 30%, ranking first nationwide by single-month growth rate. From January to April this year, the cumulative completed cargo volume increased by 4% comparing with the same period previous year, ranking second among domestic airports, making Zhengzhou Airport one of the two large airports in China with increasing cargo volume. As of May 8 this year, Zhengzhou Airport has processed 156,000 tons of cargo, up 8%. Of which, the international freight volume was 100,000 tons, an increase of 19% YoY; the freight volume of all-cargo carriers was 115,000 tons, an increase of 21% YoY. Up to now, there are 25 scheduled cargo airlines operating at Zhengzhou Airport, with 44 cargo routes, including 37 international and regional cargo lines, 58 cargo destinations, and 45 international and regional destinations. 

    Central Airlines in service will further strengthen the driving force for the development of Zhengzhou as an aviation hub, enhancing the air cargo capacity of Henan Province and the competitiveness of Henan logistics industry.


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