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  • Spring in the parks
    Source:Where Zhengzhou  Date:4/21/2020  

    In April, when the breeze blows and spring is in its full brightness and charm, nothing is more exciting than having a spring outing, a flower tour or a picnic in the park. In order to ensure you have an enjoyable park tour time while keeping social distancing, hundreds of featured parks in Zhengzhou have opened. There will be no crowds. Don’t worry. Here, we recommend you a number of representative parks for your reference.

    Keyword: Spring outing

    North Dragon Lake Wetland Park

    Located in Zhengdong New District, it is the largest constructed wetland with natural water ecosystem protection and restoration functions in the urban area of Zhengzhou. Here, you can watch birds, appreciate flowers, play with sand, take pictures and cycle around. It should be a must on your list of destinations for spring outings. 

    Zhengzhou Gargen Expo Park

    94 gardens in the park exhibit the most exquisite features of 94 cities. Bathing in the genial sunshine, you will enjoy beautiful spring sceneries while classic music is resounding in your ears. In addition, the Spring Festival lamps are lit up for night-tour visitors until May 5.

    Butterfly Lake Park

    In the south of Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, a stretch of water mirrors the blue sky and surrounding verdant trees, composing an intoxicating view, where the eye-catching ring-shaped bridge spanning over the water puts on the finishing touch of romance.

    Keyword: Flower tour

    Zhengzhou People's Park

    Every April, the People's Park becomes an arena for the peonies and the tulips to contend in beauty and fascination. Making use of the flower resources, the park always holds flower related activities and shows every year. Different spaces are decorated with flowers, bringing visitors into a fascinating world of spring.

    Zijingshan Park

    When the spring wind blows, the Chinese redbud trees bloom in full, flamboyant and dazzling, showing great charm of Zijingshan Park in spring. As one of the three major parks in Zhengzhou, it is an ideal place for flower appreciation and leisurely tours.

    Chinese Rose Park

    Those who like the Chinese rose flowers cannot miss the Chinese Rose Park, especially the flower show, where flower lovers can enjoy Chinese rose-themed bonsais, molding, and cultivation techniques and exchange ideas on Chinese rose culture.

    Zhengzhou Botanical Garden

    This year, 459 varieties of peony (nearly 40,000 individual plants) are planted in the peony and Chinese herbaceous peony gardens, an increase of 25 comparing with last year. In the mid-to-late April, the peonies of different colors will be in full bloom. Why not go to the Botanical Garden to feast your eyes on the extreme beauty?

    Keyword: Picnic

    Shuanghe Lake Central Park

    Making a splash in the circle of friends, the Internet-famous site Shuanghe Lake Central Park is also a perfect place for picnic. The mini zoo, sports field and fitness facilities, as well as boating in the park will greatly relax your body and soul during weekends. 

    Mushan Wetland Park

    Mushan Wetland Park is divided into two parts: the mountainous North Park and the South Park characterized by waterscape. The whole climbing trip takes about two hours. You can also take a sightseeing car to make the trip easier. Select a place where you like to eat your fill! 

    Elephant Lake Eco-culture Park

    Elephant Lake is the core of the park. It is roughly 5 times as large as Ruyi Lake. The surrounding flat lawn is best suitable for kites and picnics. On the back of the "elephant" is the Cherry Blossom Road, where hundreds of ornamental cherry trees stand on both sides, creating a stunning view.

    Keyword: Vitality

    Zhengzhou Yellow River Cultural Park

    Sitting by the Yellow River, it boasts fresh and moist air, swaying reeds and wild animals which are rarely seen in downtown, brimming over with vigor and vitality.

    Zhengzhou Zoo

    The zoo is full of vigor and joy. Elephants enjoy fruit time, monkeys fight or play with one another, rhinoceros sunbathe, sleepy with eyes half closed, and tigers and leopards roar or run in their territory.

    Keyword: Culture

    Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty Ruins

    Located on East Street, it is a witness of the city's evolution over 3,600 years. Visitors may walk along the wooden plank road to climb the Ancient City Wall and feel its time-honored historical charm. The ancient city wall sitting amidst high-rise buildings provides a place to rest your soul in bustling downtown.

    Xiwuhe Science Education Park

    Here, you can play with sand, experience angling and stone skipping, explore arcane formulas and symbols, etc. Xiwuhe Science Education Park is not big. It is a green park and a good place for a parent-child leisure tour in the vicinity of South 3rd Ring Road.

    Jianye · Huayi Brothers Movie Town

    The main street in the Movie Town is called Movie Street, where there are live-action performances every day. You may be surprised to notice a general, a princess, even an assassin standing nearby.  But don't be frightened, they are dedicated actors. Of course, you can also star in different films and television shows at different times as the scenes change.

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