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  • Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Summit, Henan, China is held in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone
    Source:this site  Date:10/27/2019  

    On October 27, Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Summit, Henan, China was held at Expo Garden Jianguo Hotel in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone. Zhang Zhenyu, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Henan Provincial Committee, Ma Jian, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Zhang Junfeng, Director of the Management Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Chang Jihong, Full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Wang Chunshan and Zheng Fulin, Deputy Directors of the Management Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and other leaders, as well as nearly 300 heads of well-known manufacturing companies and experts at home and abroad attended the summit.

    Themed with "Manufacturing Equipment, Intelligent Future", this summit invited academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Russian Academy of Engineering, and experts and scholars in the field of high-end manufacturing to deliver keynote speeches and exchanges on intelligent equipment manufacturing, industrial Internet, and provincial and national innovations and practices in intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet.

    CAE academician Shen Changxiang gave a speech titled "Building an Intelligent Manufacturing Security Ecosystem with Trusted Computing 3.0", elaborating that with the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, security risks have increased sharply, and we should pay more attention to security issues than ever before.

    CAS academician Zheng Zhiming, in his speech titled "Predicament and Breakthrough in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence", set forth the possible problems of artificial intelligence and breakthroughs in the global big data environment from three aspects: modern science, artificial intelligence and precision intelligence.

    Zhang Lunyan, General Manager of Rootcloud Intelligent Manufacturing from SANY Group, introduced in detail how SANY Group achieved the automation and intelligence of various manufacturing processes to improve the intelligent equipment and technical capability overall.

    Yu Youfei, President of Weihua Group, presented the intelligent manufacturing practice of Weihua Group.

    Li Jun, Director of Alibaba Cloud's Industrial Brain, explained the architecture, technology, application and access of Alibaba's industrial brain.

    In the subsequent round-table dialogue, the host Yan Chenggang and experts Shen Changxiang, Wang Chengbiao, Zhang Lunyan, Jiao Chengyao, Li Jun and Liu Yao, centered on "Manufacturing Equipment, Intelligent Future", conducted discussions on advanced theories and cutting-edge technologies in global high-end intelligent (equipment) manufacturing industry such as intelligent manufacturing, AI, big data and Internet.

    Zhang Zhenyu said in his speech that promoting Henan's transition from a large manufacturing province to a strong manufacturing province was a strategic project. The fast-growing ZAEZ is full of vitality and has become a name card of Henan in development and opening up. Today's summit went in tandem with the high-level opening up and high-quality development of ZAEZ, and it would surely promote the integration and exchange of innovation theories and advanced technologies in high-end equipment manufacturing and add intellectual support to high-quality development of Henan and rise of the Central Plains!

    Zhang Junfeng said that in recent years, ZAEZ took the intelligent equipment industrial park as a main carrier and made full use of policy support and industrial advantages to initially form an intelligent equipment industrial cluster with strong influence. This summit was an important exploration and practice of guiding principles in General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech given during inspection of Henan manufacturing. It built a platform to promote the development of high-end manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing in Zhengzhou and even in Henan, and was of significant practical significance in industrial transformation and upgrading, high-end talents exchange, improvement of the overall manufacturing quality, and Henan's transition from a large manufacturing province to a strong manufacturing province.

    After the summit, ZAEZ also organized interested enterprises and guests to conduct further communication with and field visit in relevant departments, parks and enterprises in ZAEZ, providing powerful industrial and intellectual support for Zhengzhou to build an aerotropolis in China.

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