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  • Zhengzhou Airport Hosts Passengers over 550,000 During National Golden Week
    Source:this site  Date:10/8/2018  

    From October 1st to 7th, more than 4,000 flights carrying nearly 550,000 passengers took off or landed at Zhengzhou Airport, average 600 flights in the first two days per day. The overall operation during the holiday was sound, safe and orderly.

    The return peak fell on October 6th, over 580 flights arranged each day. Travelers via Zhengzhou Airport largely flew for tourism or relatives visiting. To ensure a smooth journey for passengers, the airport opened special security check channels for late persons, the elder and children and the VIP channel. Information Counters were also available at the Gate 2 to Gate 5. Passengers could also check in via special mobile device to avoid the waiting time.

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