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  • Zhengzhou welcomes the feast of wisdom again
    Source: WhereZhengzhou   Date:9/11/2018  

    In September of golden autumn season, the Ruyi Lake welcomed the feast of wisdom again. 

    The 2nd ICAO Air Cargo Transportation Development Forum

    How to push ahead with the silk road construction up in the air, on the land and internet by relying on the air cargo transportation along the route of the silk road economic belt, which is connecting China with the outside world and playing a radiating role in the eastern, central and western part of China?

    On the September 6th , the 2nd ICAO Air Cargo Transportation Development Forum was commenced at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, being a global air cargo transportation conference organized by the ICAO and also an international high-level air cargo transportation feast held in China. On this occasion, “Big names” from the aviation community both at home and abroad gathered in Zhengzhou to discuss the air cargo transportation development and contribute their wisdom to the construction of Zhengzhou as an international air cargo transportation hub.

    Currently, the air cargo transportation, thanks to its advantages of being both rapid and flexible, has become an important backup which supports a region and even a country to rapidly integrate into the global industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain. With an average annual growth rate of 18.4% in air cargo transportation, Zhengzhou has become an important platform for the global freight market, a significant node along the route of the “Belt and Road” and a new highland for the full-dimensional opening-up of inland China.

    In September 2014, the 1st ICAO Air Cargo Transportation Development Forum chose Zhengzhou as its host city and themed as “seize the new business opportunities of both China and the word” at that year. The 2nd forum held this time, themed as “shape the future of air cargo transportation” follows up the achievements made in the 1st air cargo transportation development forum, puts forward with solutions to emerging issues appearing in the development of air cargo transportation worldwide, discusses the path to maximize the benefits of various countries and other stakeholders through air cargo transportation and proposes solutions for the development and full liberalization of air cargo transportation and e-commerce.

    2018 The 3rd China (Zhengzhou) International Futures Forum 

    2018 The 3rd China (Zhengzhou) International Futures Forum was held from Sept. 8th to 9th. Themed on “New Concept, New Journey, New Accomplishment – Futures Market Services Modern Economics System Construction”, the Forum gathered scholars and elites in the profession worldwide together to locate and discuss issues on the internationalization and real economy service in the field, etc.. With three successful sessions, the China (Zhengzhou) International Futures Forum has greatly highlighted the traditional advantage in Zhengzhou’s futures field and boosted the futures market in Henan and even China.

    2018 China (Zhengzhou) International Futures Forum Internationalization Forum was held on September 8th as the warm-up forum. During the forum, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Deutsche Börse AG (DBAG), aiming to further promote the exchange and cooperation in regard to information sharing, high-level reciprocal visits, training and education, joint activities and so on between two sides. The MOU would help both parties to explore more cooperative opportunities under the framework of “Belt and Road” Initiative and to advance the opening up of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange.

    During the Forum, Report on the Financial Competitiveness Strength of Zhengzhou Financial Center was produced and published by China (Shenzhen) Development Institute (CDI), indicating that Zhengzhou held the 12th place among 31 Chinese financial center cities, one of the top regional financial centers.

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