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  • Airport Cities 2016 Opened Yesterday
    Source: Aerotropolis Institute  Date:11/16/2016  

    On November 15, Airport Cities 2016 officially kicked off. The meeting focused on "driving regional development and boosting economic prosperity". Nearly thirty Chinese and foreign experts and executives in the industry from all over the world were invited. They had an in-depth discussion about the topic of construction, development and planning of airport cities / aviation cities in the world. 

    John Kasarda, Chairman of the Meeting, Chief Adviser of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and President of Aerotropolis Institute, introduced the basic principle of airport cities and aviation metropolises in the elementary course of the master class held yesterday afternoon. He gave a wonderful introduction to the model, interest subject and spatial form of the aviation metropolis and made an in-depth analysis to the relationship among airports - airlines - regions. Moreover, he introduced investment and planning of airport cities and aviation metropolises in the intermediate & advanced courses.

    As for the development strategy of aviation metropolises, President Kasarda believed that aerotropolis should achieve the in-depth integration of urban areas, airlines and airports in function and form the airport -centered aviation city economic zone composed of transportation and infrastructure in space,which promotes the development of aviation-driven business and service.

    In addition, aviation metropolis effectively shortens the distance between enterprises and humans as well as the distance between humans and markets. "The fastest speed and the most convenient traffic are the magic weapon in the 21st century," he said.

    Airport Cities 2016 is held in Tsingtao Shangri-la Hotel from November 15 to November 17. The theme is "driving regional development and boosting economic prosperity". More than 30 senior representatives of airport operators from over 20 countries are invited and nearly 400 Chinese and foreign attenders, like representatives of real estate investment trusts and financial institutions, logistics and warehousing companies, real estate developers and consulting firms, are attracted to the meeting.

    The agenda includes master classes ,the opening ceremony, 7 keynote speeches and 9 seminars. The topics cover the lasted developments and  core content of the airport economic development around the world.


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